Monday, December 31, 2007

hafi new year.

Hafi new year.haha. Boom. Boom. Nyahaha
Pootek. I really wanted to sleep. Really. Tas. But those ear-cracking sounds of fireworks made me woke up. Every time may pumuputok, galaw ako ng galaw sa kama and all I could hear was the fireworks. Nakakairita. Grabe. I really wanted to get some sleep. Eh wala akong choice. Kea nagol na lang ako. Nyahaha.

Hmm. I believe I used my day wisely. Kahet new year. Haha. Naglinis ako ng kwarto. -=that includes yung pagswesweeeeeeep ng floor, punas wasik punas ng pc, electric fan, removing gazillion dust sa walls, sorting out old stuff, etc. =- tas I also cleaned my cr. Armed with domex cleaner and a sponge, I scrubbed it with great force. Grabe. Andume dume. Achwali, okei lang saken ang madumeng cr. At madumeng kwarto. Kea lang, napapancn parati ng parents ko yung kwarto ko n’ my cr. Andume raw. Kahet di naman masyado. Konting yellowish dirt lang yung nakastuck in between the tiles sa cr. Nyahaha. Ayun. So tiring. Grabe. Tas ako pa yung naghugas ng pinagkainan namen. Which is daily routine for me.

Pfft. Hirap tlga pag walang katulong. Haha.

Right now, tinatamad pa rin ako mag-aral sat le summative namen. And aralin yung torture na quiz n imam olea sa trigo. Wah. Ewan. I just don’t feel like studying. I just don’t feel like stepping on our school. Sitting on the chair I used to sit. Ah basta. In short, ayoko pang pumasok. Kakatamad. Gusto kong matulog. Tulog.tulog.kaen.kaen. kaen.tulog.tulog and my favorite hobby, manuod ng debede. Nyahaha. Kakatuwa. Naadik na ko sa kapapanood ng debede. Tenks to aina, may twin sis. Nyahah

Pero of course, I won’t let a lazy soul enter my body. Nagawa ko naman kahet papano yung 38 questions regarding florante at laura. Fortunately, tapos na ko. Yieee. Yun lang yung natapos ko. Haha.;p

Hay. So much for this.

Ge, gotta go.
Gutom na ko.
Right now, I can smell my mom’s carbonara. Yumm-ieeee. Haha.
Gege kaen muna. Bye.
Hafi new year to ol.

Friday, December 28, 2007


do you like this types of guys?

1.Suplado :
↕ nope. duh.

2.Mr. Shades :
↕ yak.jologs.

3. Bad boy :
↕ nope.

4 .Masculado :
↕ nope. iw?

5.Guys who give flowers :
↕ iw.iw.just IW!!

6.Smiling face :

7 .Hip hop :
↕ nope.

8. cool
↕ not too much.

9. supr friendly
↕ not too mats.;p

10. funny
↕ yepp!! PERFECT!;p

11. serious
↕ pwede na rin.'-'

12. smart
↕ yepyepypeyep!! DEFINITELY!!

13. mgaling sa math or science?
↕ math. di ako magaleng don. at leas
matuturuan pa ko.;p

14. sports o sing/dance?

15. smart/globe/sun?
↕ globe. globe ako ee.

16. emo
↕ nope. pero if he's going to share me his ideas about emo as a genre in music, pwede rin. pero physically? not. kahet emotional. yoko.

17. kiss/hug?
↕ hug.

18. mr. brytside
↕ chimpre.

19. mas banal pa sayo
↕ sure. pero hope na hindi siya as in grabeng kabanalan!!hahaha

20. araw araw my comment sau sa fs
↕ ?? ayoko ng may friendster. gusto ko puro low maintenance. yung hindi mahilig magkokompyooter.hahaha.

surbey. walang magawa ee.sheesh.

survey sa friendster. napagtripan ko lang.;p

1.The song you've been most singing to yourself recently?
-=invincible by muse=-

2 . What do you currently want right now?
-=ice cream! at gusto kong gumala somewhere. basta malayo sa boredom!=-

3 . What did you do today?

-=gumawa ng homework. uhm. nagpost.=-

4. Are you hungry? What would you like?

-= yep. ice cream pls!=-

5. What have you been thinking about most today?

-=si spongebob. haha.=-

6 . Do you ever just sit outside and watch the stars?


7. What is your current annoyance?

-=si spongebob ule.:p=-

8 . Do you want a new cellphone?


9 . Are you waiting for someone right now?


10 . Name one thing you're looking forward to this week?

-=uhm,, new year? hahaha!=-

11. Can you make new friends easily?

-=yeah. mejo. bubbly kase ko.;p=-

12. What would you do if your friend turned gay?

-=eh di masaya, nalagyan ng humor ang buhay. haha.=-

13. Do you plan out what you wear the day before you wear it?

-=nope. random=-

14. What is music to you?


15. Have you ever fallen for your best friend?

-=secret. baka mabuchingching ako. nyahahha!;p=-

16. If you had a chance to save someone significant to you, would you?

-=yep. even if saving that someone sends me to heaven=-

17. How many times do you eat each day?

-=as many as i can? nyahaah!=-

18. How do you cheer someone up?

-=konting comfort tas aasarin ko. nyhahah! tas tawa naman siya. nyek?!?!=-

19. Are you a morning person?


20. Is it easier for you to fall asleep or to be woken up?

-=fall asleep under the influence of gravity. nyahahaha!=-

22. Has your best friend ever hurt your feelings?

-=uu. awts tlga.=-

oh. saturday.pft.

today's saturday.
hai. what can i say about today aside from me being stuck from boredom?
honestly, i have nothing to do aside from reviewing for the summative test in TLE (which is quite boring still 'coz my mind doesn't feel like memorizing all those electric current vocabs or whatever related to our current topic. and my body doesn't feel like sitting on the chair and hold the book for hours until i finished reviewing.) whew!

hurrahh! I beat 'em! i'm already done doing the florante and laura thing. Actually, it sucked! i really hate doing those kind of stuff. It keeps my brain working and i don't want it that way. besides, i'm saving my brain for january and i know i'll be needing the energy and my potentials once classes resume.

hai, i have nothing good to say in my blog. gotta go. wah.wah.wah.


oh, i almost forgot.
i want to ask a really impeccable question:

"how did you get your design? i mean, for those who are creative enoguh to put some flowers, butterflies or whatever creative stuff in their blog, pls do tell me. how did you do/get them? and if ever you got 'em from somewhere, where is that somewhere?

oh, pls do tell. i kinda feel like using this blogsite 'coz i still need to fix this and i want it to look good, if not attractive. pls do tell me. PLS??!?!

just leave your comments and i'll give you my sweetest thank you as soon as i can.



My First Journal. Right.=)

hello everyone. this is my first post here in my nest and uhm, right now, i'm in the state of cramming. heehe. well, there's nothing new about it. that's my nature and it has been part of my daily life as a student of a school known to have an advance curriculum in the field of science and mathematics. I'm currently busy doing my Florante at Laura wherein we were tasked to answer 38 questions about it. Then there's our trigo hw regarding circles. and oh, i almost forgot. i still have my english hw waiting at my bag. hehe. there are a lot of things to do. aside from those stuff, i still have to finish a lot of projects. and i really don't want to talk about those things in my blog. i want my blog to be filled with happy moments/events with friends or my random thoughts regarding substantial issues. Unfortunately, i can't avoid typing my tasks down. well, enough of those tasks. hehe.

i want to talk about other things aside from the tasks that i need to accomplish TODAY. I want to think of nothing but homeworks. puhleeaazzzee it's Christmas vacation so i don't want those ideas coming inside my mind. Right now, i'm still thinking if i would pursue blogging, yah know, if i would take this stuff seriously because i'm so certain that i won't be able to give time jotting my thoughts down by the time classes starts. My schedule won't just permit me open my account and type my thoughts down. But i would still try my best( although you have seen/heard this many times, this still works.. i guess??) in visiting my account. I'll just check my schedule to see if i still have time doing this during weekends 'coz my weekends are for my "accomplishing of my homeworks/seatworks" but i would certainly try to at least put an hour to this one. well, i gotta go now. i still have to fix a lot of things in my blogsite. ciao. i'll just blog something ones i finish fixing my site.again, thanks for giving your time reading this. =p-=berna=-